December 13, 2011

Nightime Conversations

Last night on the way home from my parent's house, my oldest kiddo was telling me that she was the boss.  This is a common occurrence at our house.  This one was just special and I could not NOT share it.

Kiddo: "Mama, I am the boss."

Me: "Nope, I am the boss."

Kiddo: "Well, I told Mrs. Karen that I was the boss."

Me: "That's not nice. You have to mind and be respectful of your teachers and really anyone that is older than you. Why did you tell her that?" (I know this one will come back to bite me at some point, sorry Hayes, Whitt, Blake and Bradley.

Kiddo: "Because Mama. One day I will be the boss of this world!"

Me: "Wow, of this I have no doubt but for the time being, can you just let me the boss?"

Kiddo: "Well, can I at least be the boss of Sissy?"

Me: "Sure, for now. When she gets older, she can fend for herself."

So World Domination it is!

The whole conversation led to that she has to be respectful of people older than her.  I could see it going down a bad road (one where she bosses everyone younger than her, like I said will come back to bite me) so I distracted her with Christmas lights.

I rock, I know.
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