December 8, 2011

Morning Conversations

This is how the conversation went with my 4 year old (almost 5 year old!).

In the car on the way to school/work.

Kiddo: "Mama, there is a hole in my jacket."
Me: "Really? I'll look at it when we get to school."
Kiddo: "Ok, see it?"
Me: "Oh yeah, that's called a button hole dear."
Kiddo: "Oh."

Santa will be at the Kiddo's school today so I asked her if she was going to tell him what she wanted again.  She had already told me that she didn't need to write Santa a letter because she told him already. We went after Thanksgiving and saw him Downtown. 

I guess there is no need to tell him twice...

Me: "So, are you going to tell Santa what's on your list again?"
Kiddo: "No Mama.  I'll send him a message."
Me: "Oh, ok. Well, how about you tell him what Sister wants? What do you think she wants?"
Kiddo: "Chew toys!"
Me: "I am sure that's EXACTLY what she wants.  Good job."

No doubt Santa will get an earful today. And so will her teacher. He was already there making his rounds when I dropped her off!

Here's a pic we took before I left. I can't wait to see the one we paid for with Santa! And yes, she wore her sparkly Dorothy shoes to 'match her pants.'

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