December 21, 2011

Mary Did You Know?

My sweet oldest child was SUPER excited when she was asked to play Mary in our church's Children's Christmas program.  Really, words can't explain how excited she was for that amount of responsibility.  Last year, she was an angel so this is a HUGE step.

She went up on the stage at the right time, didn't fight with Cousin Hayes who was Joseph, and didn't drop baby Jesus.  And no, her sister was not baby Jesus.  I don't trust her enough for that.  The Savior was a baby doll.

She played her part so well for the few songs she as on stage.  Sister fell asleep just before the big debut but I was able to snap a few pictures.

All the big kids

Our sheep and shepherds

So sweet

The hair was about frazzled. The headpiece would not stay on.

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