November 8, 2011


Y'all!  Sweet mercy, I am busy. 

Work is crazy and I don't think I've been this busy in the entire 4 and a half years I've been there!

I would love to blog more but I just can't find the time.  There is so much I need to write about but these days, I prefer sleep.

So bear with me.  I hope it will get better.  And soon.  Life with 2 kids is so much more hectic.  I know people have done it and survived with 2 or 3 or 4 kids but it's tough, especially in the beginning. 

I'm just lucky I make it out the door with pants on and shoes that match.

I promise, I will do better.  Just not promising when.  Both kids are asleep right now so I am heading that way too.

On the up side, baby girl will be 3 months (12 weeks) on Thursday.  So hard to believe.
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