November 18, 2011


During the day while I work, I usually always have my iTunes playing or my Pandora stations.  I like working with a little music.

When a random song comes on, there is often a memory associated with that song.  Whether it be something from a movie (Top Gun!), a memory from high school (No Doubt), or something you remember about a person who is no longer living on this Earth.

That happened to me a couple of times this past week.

So here are a few examples.

This one frequently comes on my Pandora 80's station.
I think of many movies but the main one is the Hangover.

You can't tell me that somewhere around the 3:16 mark or so, you have not killed that drum solo in your car or at your desk on your air drums.

Another random that seems to come on my 80's Pandora station (seeing the theme here?) is Take My Breath Away and Highway to the Danger Zone.  I can't post the video for Take My Breath Away because it's a little dirty. I think that was the first sex scene I ever got to watch in a movie.  And Tom Cruise was hot back then.  Now, he's just crazy.  Good actor, just crazy.

Highway to the Danger Zone is one song that I can remember exactly what happened at that moment of the movie.  Good times.

I think I have posted this one before but every single time I hear it, I remember exactly where I was and exactly who was singing which parts.

My advisor in college passed away a few years ago and was very instrumental in their Community Theater in Starkville.  The entire cast and crew of the SCT sang this song as a celebration at her funeral.  It was powerful.  They sang through tears and laughter.  It was a beautiful moment and I boohooed through every minute.  Now, every single time it randomly comes on, I get all teary-eyed.  I sing every word and play it loudly.  All for my dear sweet Lora.  She is missed by many!

Ok, I think that's enough randomness for one day.  I still get all teary when I hear Laura Story's Blessings on the radio!  Gooooood stuff there.

Happy weekend!
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