November 11, 2011

12 Weeks

So Baby Sister was 12 weeks old yesterday.   I was telling someone last night that I think I have blocked out the last 3 months due to lack of sleep and just trying to survive.

Now that I have some pants I can fit into and actually wear a belt again, I am starting to feel normal again.

And, the biggest change of all is that my sweet baby girl is FINALLY sleeping all night.  She's had her moments before where she slept for long stretches and even a few nights she's slept all day.  For the past week, she's consistently slept from 9:00 pm to 6:30 am.


I never realized just how much I was barely functioning.

Thank you baby girl!

I have no clue how much she weighs because we (luckily) haven't been to the Dr. and aren't scheduled to go until Dec. 1.  If I had to guess, I would say she's 13 pounds or so.

I have no clue what she is supposed to be doing at this age but she's just about mastered the whole heading holding up thing.

She still ADORES her Big Sister. I am sure that will change in time but for now, I am loving that.  I was drying my hair before work one day this week and Baby Sister was laying on the bed just kicking and playing.  Big Sister came out of her room and the first question she had was where was her sister.  She immediately laid down on the bed beside her, held her hand, and starting talking and singing to her.

Can you say MELT MY HEART?  I think time stopped.  Sweet moments!

Ok, here are the boring details.

Diaper - Size 1 diaper, but will be moving up soon.  I said that at 9 weeks too?  At night, she wears a size 1/2.

Weight - Already said, no clue.

Clothes - Mostly all are 3 months. She can still squeeze in a 0-3 but not many.

Activities - Big Sister and I got her 1st belly laugh last week while Daddy was out of town.  So love that sound.

Eating - She takes a 6 ounce bottle every 3 hours or so, except at night.  She gets 6 ounces plus some cereal in it.

Ok, I think that's all the boring details.  We are looking forward to the holidays with family.  Things will be much different with 2 kids, just like everything else.  I'm learning...
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