October 21, 2011

Watch out world!

This girl cooked 2 recipes Sunday night.  Yep, you read that correctly!  This girl who rarely cooks because I don't care to.  No desire whatsoever.  But, I've decided I must learn and endure for the sake of my children.

I refuse to cook for the family when the hubby is home (he's on 3-11 this week) because all he does is tell me how I could have done it better. Oh, and makes fun of me for following a recipe to a T!  I need direction people.  Plus, I like a good casserole because they are generally easy.  The hubby thinks you should have at least 3 or 4 different things to eat each meal.  Oh, and he LOVES to fry anything.  Thus why I haven't lost all my baby weight.  That's about to change though.  That's another post though.

I have recently become obsessed with the Pioneer Woman, mainly because I LOVE her step by step PICTURE recipes.  That's exactly what I need.   A picture to show me exactly what it all is supposed to look like.

So I decided to try some new things.

So I made this recipe for Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes.  You see, nice pictures.

And here is my final product, sans sour cream because I forgot it.

Not as pretty as that picture, but not bad for my first time.  I will recommend making the slices a bit thinner, as the potato needed to cook longer than suggested to get 'done.'

I also attempted this recipe for Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini, even though I didn't have all the same ingredients.  And I don't have a panini maker.   It was good but there is no picture proof basically because it was NOT pretty.  Good but not good to look at. HA!

The kiddo enjoyed a goldfish shaped PBJ sandwich with some pretzels.  I'm working on her branching out too.

So watch out world!  I haven't cooked any more this week but it was a start!
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