October 25, 2011

My First Giveaway!

I remember when I got my first digital camera.  It wasn't that long ago.  I remember wondering how I was ever going to get real pictures again.  You know, ones you put in frames and in photo albums.  Then, I remember someone telling me about Shutterfly.  I've never had another worry at all!  And my photo albums are full and I could probably use a few more since Baby Sister came along.

So guess what?
It's that time of year again.  
That's right.  
Christmas cards!
Christmas is only 2 months away. I can hardly believe it!

Remember this post last November?  Man, what a great deal that was.

Well, this year, Shutterfly has stepped it up!  They are offering even more for bloggers!  And I get to share it with my faithful readers.

I already have my photo appointment made to get our Christmas pictures done.  I think I have already picked out the card I want to use as well.  We'll see how my pictures turn out!

Not long ago, I went to their site to look at the new card designs they had so I could get an idea of how/where I wanted to do my Christmas pictures.

There selection has expanded quite a bit over the past few years!

They have Christmas cards.
Here are a few I like!
Click on the picture to take you to the order page!

I think this one would be great for my bro's family!
They also have other cards like birth announcements, thank you cards, etc. Just a few short weeks ago, I ordered Baby Sister's birth announcements from here!

They also have other greeting cards.  It just so happens that I ordered birthday invitations for Big Sister last year.  They were so cute!  And easy!

They basically have a card for any occasion!

How would you like to experience their Christmas cards for yourself?  Leave a comment telling me whether you've used Shutterfly before and what you liked about it or why you would like to try them! 
Shutterfly has generously provided three of my blog readers with codes to receive 25 FREE Christmas cards!  Winners will be chosen November 4th!

Have fun!
Comment away!
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