August 5, 2011


You know, I think there is a time in one's life that you just have to grow up and get over things.

I went to a luncheon the other day and ran into someone I used to be friends with.  We were on a board together and for some reason, she now doesn't like me.  I don't really care either way.

What does bother me is that I have NO CLUE what I did to lose her friendship and she doesn't care to talk to me so I guess I will never know.

This had to be at least 3 or 4 years ago.  Really?  I know. 

She looked me straight in the face the other day, and turned her head.  I really wanted to just say, "And how old are you?" 

Which, by the way, she is much older than me.  There has to be a point where you have to let the grudges go.  Honestly, they don't do anyone any good.

Then again, if what I did (that I don't know) was all that bad, I would have already tried to make amends.  IF I knew what it was...

So if you have any grudges, especially really old ones like this, just grow up and get over it.
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