August 16, 2011

Baby Update

Sooo, I'm at work today.  Again.  I really had a feeling he was going to send me home again but it's still disappointing.

He says I'm contracting really good and they should still increase.  He checked me and I was still only 2 centimeters dilated.

He told me to come back on Thursday and we'd 'regroup' for what it's worth.  I will be 38 weeks on Thursday so maybe that will be the lucky day?

He seems to think that since my contractions are getting more intense and more regular that I might not make it to Thursday.  I have a feeling he's wrong and I'll be there bright and early in the morning for the same news.

I'm getting tired of this rinse and repeat cycle.

I will say this weather has been nice in the mornings.  Just enough to get you good and pissed off knowing it won't be here long.

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