August 11, 2011

Another Update

So I had my bags all packed and car seat installed this morning.  I dropped kiddo off at school and headed over to the hospital for what I thought was going to be a long day.  Boy, was I wrong.

My blood pressure was amazingly good and my labs were fine.  I wasn't even there an hour and the good Dr. sent me home.  I was ok at first but as soon as I went downstairs to leave, I boohooed.  I'm fine with it now because it means she will have more time to grow.  I was just mentally prepared to have this baby on 8-11-11.  Oh well.

I had originally thought it would be next week anyway. Now I'm not even feeling like that is going to happen.

I am still only 2 centimeters and still have a little thinning out to do.  (Sorry TMI).  But I am contracting nicely, just not regularly.

I am to report back to the hospital on Tuesday to check again.  That was the day I was shooting for (Elvis' death day and my friend Stacey's birthday) but who knows what will happen now.

He did tell me that I won't go past 39 weeks (Aug. 25th) but he knows I'm day to day and anything can happen.

I'm just tired and hot and ready.  We shall see.  At least my bro and his wife won't miss anything since they are on vacation right now.  ha!

Anybody want to go see the Help this weekend?
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