July 22, 2011

True Friends

I sure am glad I know who my true friends are.

If you have a problem with me, just come to me with it.  Don't talk about me behind my back and whisper about me within the office.

So nice of my so called 'friends' to stab me in the back.  And you know what's even funnier?  I'm the youngest person in my office, yet it seems like some are acting like they are in junior high. 

Grow up and get over it.

I've had a hard time letting this one go.  Mainly because it's soooo ridiculous.  And was soooo easily fixable, if they had just come to me instead of talking about me all week.

So with all that said, thank you to my true friends.  You definitely know who you are.  I am truly blessed with some great friends.

But, I will be a bit more cautious around certain people from now on.
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