July 20, 2011

Sayings from the kiddo

Man, my kiddo hears a lot.  Whether we know it or not, she's listening.

The other night, the hubby and I were discussing my belly button.  Yeah, we know.  We are cool.  Don't be jealous. 

My bb never became an 'outie' with my first kiddo so I didn't think it would with this one either.  Apparently I might be mistaken. 

We were trying to decide if it was going to 'pop' out or not.  So far, it has not but seems to be well on its way.

After bath the other night, the kiddo wanted to 'see' baby sister.  That means, she likes to see my bare belly.  Yeah, she's about the only one other than my Dr. and nurses who get to see that.

I obliged because she's usually wanting to feel her or kiss on my belly.  It really is cute.

All of the sudden, she got real quiet and upset and starting hugging me.  I thought, 'Oh no, she can't do this.'

Then she said, "Mama, I don't want you to pop!"

It took ALL I HAD not to bust out laughing.

I had to explain to her that we were just talking about my belly button popping out, not ME popping.

It took a minute more of explaining but I think she got it.

As soon as she got in the bed, I ran out to tell the hubby. 

He laughed too.

Sweet memories.
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