July 11, 2011


Ya know, you would think that if someone who has been loyal to their employer for 30 or 40 years, then the employer would be loyal back when it was time.

Not always the case.

Both my parents have been victims of a not so loyal employer.

My mom got 'let go' from her job a year and a half ago after 30 years (give or take).  Granted, it was one of the BEST things to ever happen to her, but she got screwed due to a young dude with a rather large ego, who is no longer working there either, by his choice though.  He came in, cleaned house, screwed long-time employees out of stuff, and then worked his way up the ladder and left.  Sorry man.  No, sorry boy.

But, like I said. Best thing that could have ever happened to my mom.  She gets to enjoy her grandkids even more.  And hang out with her friends more.  And just be there more.

Now, it's my Dad's turn.

My Dad has worked at the same place for 40 years.  He endured them closing for over 2 years and was one of the first employees back when they re-opened.  He was screwed out of some of what he was due back then.  But he stayed.

It was a good job and he really enjoyed it.  He's always enjoyed the work he did there.  About a year ago, my Dad was eligible for his full retirement.  The company basically begged him to stay on to see one final project to fruition. That project will be over in a matter of days and the company has been sold.  he does not want to work for the new company because it involves LOTS of travel, international travel.  My dad and long flights don't mix.  The old company does not want to fulfill their promise of laying him off so he can get a severance or unemployment.  He's so fed up and frustrated that he is ready to just walk away.

Getting screwed once again.

My parents are great Christian people who have always taught me that life isn't fair.  Boy, were they right.

I admire them both.  Their strength  Their perseverance.

Their loyalty.

I guess not everyone does.

With all that said, my Dad is looking forward to his retirement.  Which is coming probably sooner than he thought.  I know he's looking forward to bugging my Mom every day.  Which he already does.  He might just drive her back to working!
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