June 17, 2011


Lately, when thinking about writing this post, all I can think about is a favorite song from the 90's.

"I give props to those who deserve and believe it y'all, he's worth it."
Props and 10 points if you can tell me what song that's from!

While I was away in Orlando for 4 or so days in May, the hubby took great care of our kiddo.  He didn't HAVE to keep her home from school all week but he did so we could save a little tuition (too bad we only get 1 vacation week).  He cleaned the house, which is totally out of the ordinary for him.  He did some of my honey do's (ones that don't cost much money). 

I was able to come home LATE that Saturday night to a mostly clean house, kiddo sleeping, and laundry done. THAT was NICE!!!  I guess since he wasn't working, he didn't have anything else to do.  Of course, when Mama was back, it was different.  But that's another post.

This post is about giving him props for all he did while I was away.

He also complained to my BFF about my mornings trying to get the kiddo ready.  Not a fun time for me.  I would start waking her up at 6:30 and then we would be screaming at each other in a rush to leave the house by 7:30.

I'm not sure who suggested it (hubby or BFF) but it was decided that my kiddo would start using the alarm we have in her room to get get up every morning.

It works.

I was not so sure at first.  But now, it's a GODSEND.  Our mornings are much more pleasant.

Dearest carpool neighbor and kiddo's teacher (probably both of who hated me for a long time due to HORRIBLE morning habits), I am sorry.  Totally sorry.  There is nothing else I can say!

Now the kiddo wakes up with her alarm at 6:18 (weird, I know but it's when I'm almost done in the shower), gets dressed and comes in my room to watch TV until I get out of the shower. Then she gets something to eat and sometimes lets the dogs outside.

What a change.

So props to the hubby (and BFF) for helping me and the kiddo transition to this new, wonderful morning ritual.

And, I'm sure kiddo's teacher will thank you too since there are no more (for now) screaming, teary-eyed goodbyes in the mornings.
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