June 7, 2011

How Times Have Changed

My oh my how date nights have changed over the years.

I remember when date nights were just another night. We didn't have to define them.  But once kids come along, date nights aren't as common as they once were.

With my hubby's strange schedule and a 4 year old, date nights are RARE for us.  There are a lot of things I do on my own since he's usually working or sleeping or just doesn't care to.

So when we plan an actual 'date night' it's kind of exciting.  No loud child demanding to eat Mac and Cheese.  No interruptions of numerous potty breaks (ok, maybe for the pregnant lady that one doesn't count).

After a nice dinner, we used to hit up a movie or go bowling or something fun.  Now, we end up in Target or Home Depot spending WAY more than a movie would cost us.

What are we buying?  Stuff for our house or our kids.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Though sometimes I would love to just sit and enjoy a $7 movie instead of a $250 credit card bill.

So what did we do on our date night Friday night?

We went to eat at Olive Garden, which was yummy.  Then, we headed over to Target to do a little shopping for us, baby's room, and a friend getting married.  We finished off the night at Dairy Queen.  You can't skip that, pregnant or not.  Once we got home, we put together stuff for baby's room and watched the Women's College World Series (softball).

Wow, we are wild these days.
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