June 30, 2011

31 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Really?  This is flying by!

Size of baby: Baby is about the size of 4 navel oranges.  There will be no picture this week because when I googled navel oranges, I got some pretty graphic navel pics.  Ick.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 30ish lbs.

Gender: It's a GIRL!!

Movement:  I am afraid my girl already has her days and nights mixed up. Fun times to come.

Sleep: Oh sleep, how I miss you.  I'm lucky if I get a 2 hour stretch at night.  I guess pregnancy insomnia has kicked in.  I'm too tired to sleep.

What I miss:  Sleep.  And being able to paint my toenails without it being a chore. Sorry peeps, if you see me this summer, my toes look terrible because they aren't painted. I figured it was better than them always being chipped and looking awful.

Cravings:  I've eaten more boxes of Runts this week than I can count.  Diet.Must.Change.

Symptoms:  Really tired and really HOT. 

Best Moment this week:  Kiddo and I were having a special time Friday night after a birthday party and before bedtime.  Kiddo 2 was kicking up a storm. (I guess she knew the Women's World Cup was starting last weekend!)  My kiddo put her hand on my belly and kiddo 2 did a triple kick. The look on my kid's face was absolutely priceless.  Then she proceeded to tell 'sister' to quit kicking Mommy's insides!  Love those girls.

Nothing much to report this week.  It's hot and I'm tired. Nothing new at all.  I go back to the Dr. next week for an ultrasound and check-up.  I can't wait to see 'sister' on the computer again and see how big she's gotten!
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