May 1, 2011

Tornado Hair

This is soooo not the appropriate time to show this picture with all the terrible weather we've had in the South lately.

A few weeks ago, after the kiddo had her bath and we were brushing her teeth, I pulled her hair to the side.  Since it's soooo curly, it's just makes one big curl.

Side note: She's also obsessed with the Wizard of Oz.

When she got done brushing her teeth, she said,
"Mama! My hair looks like a tornado!"

I had never thought about it before but it kind of did.

So then I did it more often.  The other night she made me take a picture of it.  My little photographer is also obsessed with taking pictures.  Once I had taken hers, she wanted to take pics of me.  She told me to tilt my head more and to put my arms down, etc.  I think she's been coached a time or 2 or 200.
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