May 24, 2011

Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

I was at a conference last week in Orlando that my company was putting on.  It was for Optometrists.  Mostly male ones.

After spending 2 days with these guys already, finally at breakfast one of them came up to me and said, "You aren't pregnant are you?"

I had to laugh.  I was tempted to say, "No, what are you talking about?"  But I didn't. I just said yes.  He said, "I knew you had all that weight out in front but you can never know for sure."

Really?  Thanks for that boost at 7 am Doc!

Then, one of the hotel staff and I were talking during a break and he was telling me his story, he's from Morocco and he and his wife have 4 boys.

So he asks, "You are what 8 months along?"
Me: "Um, not exactly.  I'm only 6 and a half but this shirt makes it look worse."
What else is there to say?

This is a pretty common phrase I hear lately.

Them: "So, when are you due?"

Me: "Technically Sept 1, but I'm shooting for August 16th."

Them: "Bless your heart.  That's a really hot time."

Or even better, "Ya'll didn't plan that one very well did you?" 

Um no, it's not our decision, it was up to God.  Geez people.

I have a feeling I will be posting these more and more often.  Stay tuned!
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