May 3, 2011

Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

I think it's about time I started making this a regular weekly post.

Some people have no filter on what comes out of their mouths.  I know, because sometimes I am one of them.  I've worked really hard on that over the past 31 years.  Ok, maybe just the last 5 years?

No matter how pregnant a woman is, you just never say,

"My how that belly is poking (or protruding) out today."

"Wow, you didn't look pregnant yesterday but you do today." 
Um yeah, I had a bit too much to eat last night.  REALLY?

"Aw, you're showing now."
Yeah, been showing for a while.  Years, actually.  It's just finally looking like pregnant weight.

Or from a sweet man at my church one Sunday morning,
"You look like you've gained a little bit of weight."
Is that a question or a statement?  My response?  I have a good excuse. What's yours?

Best of all, courtesy of my BROTHER.
As he pokes his finger at my belly, "Sure is starting to get out there now isn't it?"
So much love for ya bro. 

Oh and yes I know I'm due September 1st.  And yes, I know how hot our summers are in the South.  But PLEASE don't tell me every single time I tell someone my due date hat I have to hear those statements.  PLEASE.

Oh, this could be fun.
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