May 10, 2011


Well, I was hoping this day would never come in my lifetime.  But, I guess it happens to more people than I know.  And you can't help Mother Nature.

My hubby starts unemployment soon.  In case you haven't heard, the Mississippi River is spilling over her limits.  It's over roads and in houses and just plain making people miserable and displaced.

We are VERY lucky that we don't live close to the river and our house will be perfectly fine.  My hubby's place of employment is close to the backwaters of the MS River.  They have built a levee to hopefully protect the building and property.  What we thought would never happen is likely too very soon.  The water will be over the highway that he takes to GET to work.  When that happens, he will have to go a back way to get there.  If the water goes over that way too, they will have no way to get to work.  The company has already informed them that they will be shutting down temporarily and the process has begun moving things to higher ground.

He applied for unemployment on Saturday.  We never thought we would be in this situation.  Luckily, it's not one we can do anything about.  It's a natural disaster.  And yes, it will be hard.  But, we are lucky that it's just a job and he will be able to go back once the waters recede.  And, maybe I can get him to finish that long honey-do list I've had for so long!

Please pray for our town.  We are slowly washing away and it's sad to see all the people displaced and about to be without power.  They have already rearranged one elementary school so they can take MCT testing without having to worry if they will float away.

In short, it's one big mess.  And it's not just my hometown. There are others in danger as well.  Mother Nature has been awful over the past month and all we can do is pray that she gets happier very very soon.  And that it does not rain for the next 30 days.  Impossible, I know. And there are people in a drought in Texas, just a few states over.

All in all, we will be fine.  It's just hard to see all the heartache.
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