May 16, 2011

Big Week

This is going to be a huge week for me.  The river is supposed to crest this week (FINALLY) after much destruction. It will take months for the waters to recede and things to get back to somewhat normal.

Hubby filled out his unemployment paperwork yesterday and we will get a whopping $235 a week while he's not working.  Sure isn't much but every little bit helps.  It just stinks that he pays so much in taxes when he is working, that I feel like he should get more. But all unemployed are the same.  I'm learning a lot from this latest change in our lives.

I head to sunny Florida for a work trip later this week.  I wish I could say I was going for some fun in the sun but that is soooo not the case.  This trip will be ALL business and no pleasure and honestly, I'm ready for Sunday.

I've never wanted a week to go by so fast!  Is it Sunday yet?
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