April 29, 2011

The Voice

Did anybody watch The Voice on NBC Tuesday night?  Since Parenthood was over last week and I had seen quite a few previews for The Voice, I decided to watch it.  The hubby and I both LOVED it.

I love the competition between Christina and the boys.  I love Blake Shelton and since I've met him I feel like we have a bond (ha!).  I also like the fact that the singers aren't based on looks.

No matter how much people say they don't judge on looks, we all do it.

Mandisa was on American Idol a few years ago.  She's now a very popular Christian artist.  She was on the K-Love morning show this week.  She candidly talked about her experience.  She said that she waited for years to try out for Idol because she was afraid of what Simon would say about her weight.  He did say something and it was a total turning point in her life. She's lost 90 pounds and is doing extremely well.

I can honestly say I will be tuning in to The Voice each week to see how it all plays out!
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