April 30, 2011


For many years, I worked for our local hospital during high school and college.  I made a lot of great friends and contacts. I really enjoyed working in different areas including the business office and ER.  My mom was employed at the same hospital for almost 30 years.

I was born at that hospital, as was my brother.  Our family has a history there.

Some people in my town don't seem to like the local healthcare options.  That's fine.  But I have never had a problem with any of it, nor has my family.  We've always gotten great healthcare for anything we needed.  When I had my first kiddo, my labor and delivery experience was amazing.  I knew almost all of the nurses and had gone to school with many of them growing up.

I absolutely LOVE my Ob-Gyn. I would not go see anyone else unless for some reason forced to do so.  And by forced, I mean literally someone taking me elsewhere.  And his wife is our Pediatrician, whom we also love dearly.  I know either of them would come running if we ever needed anything.  Who can say that about their doctors?  And yes, I text with my Ob-Gyn.  He's also a friend.

I love my General Practitioner.  Although I don't see him often, he's always wonderful when I do.  I'm thankful I don't see him often.

All 3 of the above Doctor's have offices located in my hometown. For that, I am grateful.  Especially when I am having to go to the Dr.'s office every other week for appointments.  I'm not complaining because it calms my nerves to see the Dr. that often.  As I've said before, I will be nervous with this baby until delivery.

When I go to these every other week appointments, I take them on my lunch break. I get the 1st appointment on the schedule so I'm usually in and out within an hour.  I don't have to take off an entire day to see the Dr.

I am especially grateful for hometown healthcare since gas is OUTRAGEOUS right now.  I wouldn't be able to afford the gas to and from a town 50 miles away every other week.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not judging. I am not saying that some people have not had good experiences here.  All I'm saying is don't gripe to be about how you need a gas fund to get to your appointments.  You CHOSE to drive the extra miles for what you perceive as better healthcare.  Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.  I'll never know.

I just think people should support their hometown, in any way possible.  And yes, I have family members that don't go to the Dr. here in town.  I'm not writing to hurt anyone's feelings.  I'm just stating my feelings.

There is quality healthcare to be found, right here in your own backyard.  Some people just choose to drive extra for what they think is the 'thing to do.'

Sorry for the rant, I just get tired of hearing complaints of gas prices and days off work for a choice that was made solely by the complainer.

Doesn't make much sense?
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