April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Cousin Hayes!

We have been counting down the days to Easter at our house for more than one reason.  Today is Cousin Hayes' 4th birthday.  He's so excited to finally be the same age as my kiddo!
This sweet little Butterball has grown into ALL boy.  He can name any piece of equipment on command.  It's actually quite remarkable!  He loves most anything with wheels, unless it's too loud.

He and my kiddo really love each other and they fight like brother and sister.  I think they have so much fun together!  They love on Whitt, sometimes too much!

They are two peas in a pod and Nana's Doodles.  Although, I keep them running since I'm the KISS MONSTER!

Happy birthday sweet boy.  We love you!  I'm so glad you told me what to get you for the 5th birthday. I just hope I got the right thing for your 4th!
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