April 4, 2011


So, Friday was my kiddo's first time to the dentist.  She's been with me before but wasn't on our dental insurance yet so she just got to watch.

She was pretty excited about being a big girl and seeing our friend (and Dentist) Mr. David.  And yes, we can call him that since we knew him before he was a big-time dentist.  Plus, he's our friend.  His family are our friends.

Kiddo wanted to go first, thankfully.  She actually did really well.  I kept having to tell her to sit still so Pam could get finished. 

When it was my turn next, (after she got all her 'prizes') she wanted to hold my hand like I had held hers.  She's so independent and so not at the same time.  She would stand right beside me and about halfway through, she said,

"Mama be real still so she'll be proud of you!"

Pam and I both laughed!  Pam said she wishes that all her patients were that good and wanted her to be proud.

We had fun and who can say that at the dentist?  The ones with no cavities!!!!!!!!!!!  That's us.
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