April 19, 2011

Adopted Children

Do you have some children in your life that aren't your biological children, but they might as well be?

I do.

A few actually.

Some in the same town as me, some not.  I love them all the same.

When any of one my 'children' is hurting or going through a tough time, I hate that I can't be there in person all the time.  So I do the next best things.  I send stuff.  I send cards, flowers, etc.

Just something to let them know their 'Auntie E' is thinking of them.

So to Frances, Presley, Audrey, Sydney and Samantha, you will always be my children, no matter who your 'Mama' is.

And yes, there are others in the world that I treat as my own.  But they are family so they don't count as adopted.  They have no choice. ha!

Then, there are other friends' children that we are close to.  I know I can get on to their kids and vice versa.

And, although I may not get to see all of my adopted children as much as I'd like, I know we will pick up right where we left off when I do see them.

So, I hope no one feels left out. I have lots of love to give.  Some 'adopted' children are just special to me.

Especially today when one of them is hurting.  Only time will continue to heal my sweet Flowers.

Love to you all.
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