March 18, 2011

Stories from the Kiddo

Before school yesterday, the kiddo (maybe I should call her Princess, fits the drama) was in an ill mood and would not let me fix her hair.  I at least got it wet and somewhat fixed before we left but she didn't want me to put a braid or clip or ponytail in.  That girl has LOTS of hair so I always at least try and pull it out of her face.

On the way to school, I told her that when we got there, we were going to have to put a clip in or something because her hair was all in her face.  Here is what she told me.

"Mama, I don't want a clip because they fall in the potty."

Me: "Really?  You had fall in the potty at school?  I didn't know that."

Her: "Yeah, we got it out and I put it back in my hair."

Me: "WHAT?"

Her: "It bounced out."

Me: "Did you wash it off?"

Her: "No, but Kylie did and she brought it back to me on the playground and I put it back in my hair."

I feel violated.  That's just gross.  I didn't ask if there was anything besides water in that potty.  There is no telling what else happens at school that I don't know about.  Maybe it's better that I don't know!!

Also, I realize there is a significant amount of 'potty' usage on my blog this week.  More specifically, fishing things out of sad potties.  ICK.  Not the type of stuff I like to write about.  But it IS funny, therefore for the sake of my 5 readers, I divulge for you!  Just don't hold it against me.

I keep it real, ya know!!!!!!!!!
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