March 13, 2011


I'm starting a new award, for myself.  Mother Of The Year.

The other night, the kiddo was getting ready for her bath.  She was already stripped down and sitting on the potty.  She happened to be going number 3, if you know what I mean (TMI? You're welcome.).  Above our toilet is a cabinet where I keep the towels, toilet paper and medicine.  I was getting out her medicine she takes every night, along with her vitamin.  She has a little cough so I went to grab the Robitussin and I accidentally knocked off one of those medicine cups.  And guess where it fell??

You people are so smart.  Yep, fell right in the toilet.  With the no longer clean toilet water.

Kiddo starts screaming like the thing is going to jump up and grab her rear.  I keep telling her I will just flush it when she's done.  More screaming.  Hysteria.

As I am pouring the Robitussin into a different medicine cup, I look up and she has fished the one cup out of the toilet and placed it on MY COUNTER.

Ick Ick Ick...

I would have lost my supper if I had eaten anything.

I immediately shoved the 'dirty' cup into the trash can.  More hysteria.

"But Mama, I want the other cup!"

"No, that one was just in the potty with your pee and poop (again, you're welcome)."

I finally got her calmed down enough to take the medicine out of the new cup.

Whew, Mother Of The Year, right here.

I am sure there will be lots more where that came from.
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