March 1, 2011


Nobody is perfect. I am just glad that I serve a forgiving God!
What if we all had to pay for our mistakes instead of just asking forgiveness?

I know some things parents do are inexcusable. No question in my mind. But what if you are pushed and pushed so much that one day you just snap. Briefly. Then you realize what you have done and you do your best to make amends.

I don't feel that a mother should be taken from her children and vice versa.  Not when the mother is a good person and has done everything to make amends.

I can't imagine carrying a child for 9 months and raising them, sometimes alone, and then no longer be able to see them?  That is wrong.  No matter what. In this situation, nobody wins and it breaks my heart.

And remember, the only perfect person is Jesus Christ who died to save us from our mistakes. Our sins. Our imperfections.
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