March 7, 2011

Life Happens

Why is it that prices on EVERYTHING seem to be going up lately, yet this is the 1st year I will not be getting a raise.  I may not even be able to afford to drive my car to work. And I don't drive a big gas guzzling car either.  Just a normal Nissan sedan.  But still, I need a bike.  Can you see the big fat pregnant lady biking her 4 year old to daycare?  That would be a sight!

We are just going to have to find some creative ways to cut down on costs this year.  I've really tried hard to cut out unnecessary spending but that's just hard.  My social butterfly kiddo has a lot of birthday parties to go to.  I'll be honest?  We skip some just so I don't have to buy a gift.  Cheap?  Yes.  Smart? Maybe.  Bad parent?  No. She has plenty other opportunities for playing with her friends.

Does anybody know where I can find my money tree to pay off a few bills?  My car is pretty close to being paid off and I can taste it.  It's so tasteful that it makes me want something new.  Until I get that new payment book. ICK.

For the first time in the 8 years we've been in our house, our mortgage went up.  I was expecting it to next year when we have to get our road repaved and they will add that to our taxes, but I was shocked last week when I got my new payment book and my payments went up each month about $15.  That's such a small amount but it adds up.  Just another thing.

As I type this, my favorite song comes on my iTunes, This is the Stuff.  I posted it the other day.

This is the stuff that drives me crazy and gets to me and it's all I can think of some days.  But we are super blessed.  We have a baby on the way.  Yes, that adds more stress to my life.  How will I afford daycare and diapers??????????????  But I'm still thankful.

Now, if only I can figure out how to grow money on trees or a way to get rid of a few bills, life would be much simpler.  Wouldn't that be nice?
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