March 4, 2011

Dudy Noble

This weekend, I will be taking my daughter to one of my all-time favorite places in this world.

We are leaving today with my Mom and Dad and heading to Starkville.  Home of Mississippi State.  To see some MSU Diamond Dogs play at DUDY NOBLE FIELD, Polk Dement Stadium.  What a beautiful place.

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I took my kiddo one time before but she was only about 4 months old and I'm sure doesn't remember it.  I've wanted to take her many times before but it's never worked out.  And to be honest, I love my Bulldog baseball and wanted to be able to go and not have a 2 or 3 year old distraction.  While I am sure she will get bored at some point this weekend, I will be prepared with a bag of stuff for her.  Food, toys, entertaining junk.  Plus my Mom is so wonderful that she has said if kiddo doesn't like it, they would go walk around or something so my Dad and I can actually watch the game.

Although it won't be SEC play yet, it's still my favorite MSU sport to watch.  When I was in college, my friend Julie and I used to go to every single game.  Hot or cold.  We would take heaters and blankets for the Feb. and March games and fans for the May games.  Oh, what fun we have with our crew.  Most that still attend the games.

I cannot wait and I really hope the rain doesn't spoil the entire weekend.  If it rains Saturday, we might hit the Hump for Hoops!  Mississippi State style.

Oh, and if you are thinking of coming to my house and stealing from us this weekend, we have 2 ferocious pups that will eat you.  And the hubby will be home.  And we have a nice alarm system.

Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!
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