March 8, 2011


What do you think of when you see someone driving a particular car?  Do you judge them?  Are you envious? 

The other morning while dropping off kiddo at school, I saw a new mom dropping off her child.  She was driving an Infiniti SUV.  Last week, I saw her driving a monster of a Tahoe, black like the CIA.  I immedialtely thought today, "Man, they must have some money!  Must be nice." 

And in that one thought I did both things.  I judged them and I was envious.  Shame on me.  But it's sooo easy to do.

I don't drive an expensive car.  My hubby's truck is 8 years old and PAID FOR! 

I just don't understand how some people can afford the vehicles that they drive?  Especially, when you drive by and see a shack of a house and a Cadillac sitting outside.


I guess I'm just weird.  I'm not unhappy with my sedan or the truck.  Especially once mine is paid off as well!  I should not judge or be envious of what someone else has.  It's just human nature though.
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