March 3, 2011


Today, I have officially entered my 2nd trimester.  Thank goodness.  Now maybe some of my energy will come back.  I have been very lucky and not been sick, just tired all the time.  Which is mostly normal for me.  But I'm sleeping more now and still tired.

I had a Dr.'s appt. yesterday and everything went well.  It took my Dr. a few minutes to find the heartbeat but it was only because I have a super active child in my belly.  Kiddo was doing somersaults.  I can't wait until I can feel them!  I might regret that statement later when all the kid is doing is kicking me!

My blood pressure was very good for me (122/74) and I've only gained 1 more pound since last week, for a total of 3 pounds, which I am ecstatic about!  I gained 45 last time and I'm not hoping for a repeat!

I go back again in 2 weeks and we have an ultrasound scheduled just to see if we can figure out the baby's sex.  It it's a girl, it will be too early to tell.  With a boy, you know pretty early.  So we shall see.

Oh, and I find out next week if we are getting another nephew or a niece!!!  I'm saying GIRL for them, and us.  We'll know one of the answers next week!
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