February 11, 2011


What a week this has been!

Poor kiddo got sick Tuesday night and ended up with what I assume is the stomach bug.  She got sick at school and spent Wed. with my Mom.  Then the past 2 days, hubby has been off and being Mr. Mom.  Which he's done pretty well.

As most of you probably (or unfortunately) know, the stomach bug comes with lots of puke and sometimes poop.  We've had both.  Which normally doesn't bother me.  When you become a parent, you know that you will, at some point in your life, end up with puke or poop somewhere on your body.  I think that was maybe day 5 with the kiddo.  But, it's almost expected.

Like I said, normally things like that don't bother me.  Since I'm pregnant, it's different.  Thankfully, the hubby has been super extra wonderful and has handled most of the bodily fluids while I do the loving and caretaker role.

Last night around 1 am, the kiddo had a HORRIBLE nose bleed.  The worst one she has ever had.  I was asleep but hubby was still awake.  She walked in his room and announced that her nose was bleeding, which it does from time to time at night.  When he looked at her, he noticed it was an ordinary nosebleed.  It was a bad one.  He took her to the kitchen and that's when I heard them.  When I came out, I was terrified.  There was blood everywhere.  In her mouth, on her clothes, and coming out of her nose so fast that I thought something was really wrong.  After a few minutes of trying to stop it and the hubby and I yelling at each other, I felt it.  That wave of nausea that comes over you and sends you into a cold sweat.  I told him to take over and I went to the living room and sat down.  Luckily, after a few minutes I was fine.

The hubby says, "Scared of blood all the sudden?"

No, I think it was just the situation.  And the gushing of blood.

Poor thing was fine after a few minutes.  I think she was as freaked out as we were.  She is NOT a fan of blood.  As soon as some got on her finger, she FREAKED.  That didn't help the situation.

After hubby got her to eat something and drink some tea (since she has nothing on her stomach basically) and watching a few latenight cartoons, she went back to sleep.  She was sleeping soundly when I left to come to work this morning.

It was a nice sight to see.  Hubby was sleeping and so was the kiddo.  I hope today is much better.  She stayed in her bed for the majority of the day yesterday.  Until we threatened that if she didn't come eat or drink, the Dr. would put her in the hospital.  That's all it took and she perked right up.

So, we are hoping for warmer temps and healed bodies this weekend.  We have a pretty important birthday party to attend tomorrow!
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