February 24, 2011


This is probably way too much information for my 4 readers but I'm tired.  Tired of going potty ALL the time.

I worked 9 hours Tuesday.  And in that 9 hours, I went to the potty 10 times.  Really?  Yes.  A little ridiculous.  It's all for a good cause and I know it will get worse, but geez.  I get tired of using the same bathroom so I have to switch it up a bit.  Thankfully, we have 3 bathrooms I can alternate between.

Plus I drink a lot of water.  I always have and hopefully always will.  Just adds to my problem though.

When I hit double digits, I decided it was time to go home.

Oh the joys.  Sorry for the venting.  It's what I wanted, right?  Oh, and I won't even start to mention how many times I go at night while normal people are sleeping...

Aren't you glad you are a reader of Keeping It Real???
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