February 21, 2011


This weekend was the kiddo's 1st soccer game!  She was so excited for her first practice last week and her game.  Despite a major meltdown before the game and her claiming she didn't want to play soccer, it went pretty well.  According to what she told her Aunt Mar, she scored 28,000 goals.  And Daddy promised to pay her $1 for each goal. ha!  Now we are really broke.  Nah, he only paid her $1 and it was because toward the end of the game, she helped a teammate score (he hadn't scored yet) instead of trying to take the ball away and score herself. 

I had mixed emotions going to the first game.  Both the hubby and I played soccer for at least 15 years each.  We have a lot of soccer history.  I've won state championships in high school soccer.  We've both played in (and won) state tourneys and regionals.  Needless to say, soccer was our lives for many years.  And our families.

My mixed emotions came early Saturday morning when I realized it was no longer be as the player, but as the soccer mom.  I am cool with being the soccer mom.  I guess it was the fact that it's no longer all about me.  Not that it EVER was but you understand.  I have to be the one now to remember the suscreen (which I forgot Sat. and it was 80 degrees and yes, we all got some sun!), the ball, the jersey, etc.  I'm not used to this.  But it's my new reality so I guess I will get used to it.

The game itself was pure entertainment.  One boy got soooo mad when the other team scored (which they didn't often, we are stacked!).  My dad said it was the most entertaining soccer game he's ever watched and he's seen a TON.  I didn't start playing until I was 7 so we were slightly better.

It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all.  Now for the pics of the stars.

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