February 26, 2011

A Legend

Being the lover of all things Mississippi State, it's only fitting that I mention that today is the end of an era for all MSU fans.

The legendary voice of the Bulldogs, Jack Cristil, is retiring.  I've listened to him on the radio for MANY years.  Heck, he's been announcing for MSU for 58 years!  Longer than both our head football and basketball coaches have been alive! 
Photo from Clarion Ledger
We all knew this day would come.  We just chose not to believe it!  I mean, he's 85!  How many people can say they are STILL doing what they LOVE at 85?  Most people don't even live that long!

I wish him well, as he's retiring at the advice of his physicians and will start kidney dialysis next week.  Today, he will broadcast his last MSU game, a basketball game versus Tennessee, where strangely, he first coined his signature slogan, "You can wrap this one in MAROON AND WHITE."

One of my all-time favorite lines of his was after MSU lost a miserable game to MAINE.  Yes, the Maine Black Bears. 

He said, "The Sonic drive of the game will be my drive back to Tupelo."  Classic.

He's not your ordinary announcer.  He tells it like it is.  There is no fluff.  All business.  Although, the older he gets, the more ornery he was getting.   I remember listening to one football game a few years ago and he was blasting the play calling by MSU coaches.  Although, I was surprised to hear him say it, it was what we were ALL thinking!

Between he and Jim Ellis, they have ruined me.  I can't listen to any other announcers.  Like the guy who announces for Alabama.  Eli Gold.  Man, I am sure he is nice, but he's terrible. He gets excited and gets all high pitched and screams. 

Here's how it's done.  MSU upsetting Florida this past season.  Go Dawgs!

Thank you for the memories!  I get all teary-eyed every single time I watch or listen to one of these clips!

My Saturdays during football season will never be the same as I tune in for an away game that's not televised.  Not hearing that raspy, unique voice will be hard.  Jim Ellis does a great job but it won't be the same.

Here's to wishing you well with your treatments so you can frequent MSU sporting events soon!
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