February 10, 2011

In the life of...

I'm not complaining.  I promise.  I just wondered the other day why I was so tired.  Yes, I know, the first trimester is all about being exhausted.  And I am.

Well, my life doesn't help either.  Here was how our night went Monday/Tuesday morning.

5:25 pm - Get home from work and see one dog has shut herself up in the laundry room (again) and the other has terrorized my living room.  I can only assume she was lonely.  Needless to say they spent a few hours outside when I got home.

5:27 pm - Walked next door to get my kiddo (we carpool with the neighbors).

5:30 pm - Back home and ready to start supper.  For once, I'm not the one that is starving.  Kiddo wants a quesadilla, which she wants quite often lately.  It's easy so I fix it.  She likes to help.

5:45 pm - Dinner of one cheese quesadilla and microwaved lima beans are served.  Don't be jealous of my gourmet cooking skills.  I drank a glass of milk (with some chocolate added in) and an apple with peanut butter.  I know, supper of champs!

6:30 pm - Time for what we call the 'Holy half hour' letter show.  I go get my PJ's on.  Again, don't be jealous, they are just more comfy than regular clothes, for anyone.  The kiddo decides to go potty and get naked to put her jammies on too.

6:40 pm - Kiddo decides it's bath time so she can get the said jammies on.  So in the bathtub she goes as I listen to the Wheel.

7:00 pm - Kiddo finally emerges from the tub.

After about an hour of playing and giggling and fighting, we head off to her bedroom for book time, etc.

8:00 pm - Book selection

8:05 pm - You think I'm kidding?  It's a deliberation EVERY night.  Finally, the new Bible is chosen.  It is decided that we only read half of it and then say our prayers and then it will be bedtime.

8:20 pm - We've finally read half of the Bible book and it's time for prayers.  Kiddo always has fun prayers as you read about yesterday.

8:30 pm - Lights out, story on.
8:40 pm - Me threatening to take toys if my child doesn't stop singing in the bed.
8:45 pm - Repeat
8:50 pm - It finally gets somewhat quiet.
9:00 pm - I hear silence but I don't chance it bey going in.  I just figure she's playing but doing it quietly.  I know her story is almost over and she will holler at me.  I never hear that this night.  RARE.

Much of this time between when she goes to sleep and when I do is spent with Ellen and my Lord.  I watch the day's Ellen episode, if nothing else is on.  Then I do my quiet time. As long as I can still function with my eyes open.  Actually, I have to do my praying with my eyes open at night so I won't fall asleep!

10:15 pm - Hubby gets home from work.

10:30 pm - I finally drift off to sleep.  No, not drift, I fall into a deep slumber.

11:50 pm - I wake up to go to the bathroom.  And yes, I went before I went to sleep.  Twice.

12:15 am - Kiddo wakes up screaming for me.  Hubby is still awake.
I walk in her room to find her crying that she has wet the bed.  Not a big deal.  Except she refuses to take the pants and panties off.  Mama has to do it.  So I holler at the hubby to come help with the sheets.

12:30 am - Kiddo back in bed with clean sheets and off to sleep.  Or so I thought.

12:45 am - Hubby decides to cook him supper.  He works shift work remember, so he eats at WEIRD times.  After attempting to burn down the house and making TONS of racket in the kitchen, which is right outside the bedroom door.  At this point my stomach is growling pretty loudly and keeping me awake as well.
So I decide to eat some peanut butter cookies. Yum. At 1am.

12:55 am - Kiddo is whining about her legs hurting and wanting her music on. I tell her to go to sleep and turn on the music.

1:00 am - Hubby is eating fried shrimp and french fries.  No wonder his gallbladder got pissed off at him last year and we had to take it out...

1:15 am - I think I finally drifted off to sleep.

5:35 am - My evil alarm goes off.  I snooze it.

5:45 am - Evil reminder gets snoozed again.

5:50 am - I drag myself out of the bed and head to the shower.

The rest is history.  Man, just writing that made me tired.  Whew.  Is it naptime yet??  I won't even begin to tell you about the last 2 nights.  It involves other bodily fluids like puke and poop.
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