February 18, 2011

Happy birthday to my BFF!

I know everyone has heard me talk about my best friend Lisa.  Today is her birthday.  She's turning 29, again. 
Lisa and Bob

Lisa and I met at my first 'real' job after college.  I had just gotten married and she was pregnant with my Goddaughter.  We became fast friends.  And believe me when I say opposites attract.  We can finish each other's sentences but we like different things.  We've said many times before, "And how are we friends?"

Lisa and 1st born sweet Pres

Although she's just a few years older than me, you would never know it.  She loves my family like her own and vice versa.  She's our home away from home in my beloved Starkville.  She always lets me crash on her couch.  She's so thoughtful and I love her!

The 4 of us at Flora Bama

So Lisa Mc, happy birthday.  Enjoy your day.  Enjoy your shirt and wear it with pride!  I hate we aren't with you to celebrate this year!  We've have to plan a trip for next year!

With one of her FAV people
I love you Lisa Mc!  Have a happy happy birthday.  And I hope you get your tickets!!!
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