February 12, 2011

Happy birthday Boo!

My wonderful friend and old college roomie recently got married in Washington, DC.  Just last week she informed us she's moving to ENGLAND for 2 years.  I admire you Boo!  Enjoy it.

But first, enjoy your birthday!  We miss you tons and hope we still get to see you in October for the game and tailgate!  Don't let Ryan off without giving you a great present!  He knows that we know how to get to him!  And he can always come South to visit while you are off gallivanting in another country before he joins you!

Always remember the awesome 8:00 creative writing class we shared.  And the stories that came out of that class.  And the LISTS too...

Happy happy birthday my dear friend!
My fav pic EVER
Beautiful Bride

We hope you enjoy your day! We love our Boo!
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