January 10, 2011

What I Learned This Week

1)  When I grow up, I want to be a snowbird!  They were all soooo nice to us while we were at Orange Beach.  They are a very select and active group.  They all walk along the beach and would speak to the kiddo and myself each time they saw us.  We even had one older gentleman tell us as we came back up from flying our kite, "Aww, go fly a kite!"  He said it with a HUGE smile.  We only went out to eat one night and the parking lot of the restaurant was packed.  They had a band playing for the snowbird special.  Luckily, it was almost over when we got there because it was LOUD.  We did get some great prices on the food though.  I got a seafood platter that is normally like $24 or something for $12!  All 3 of us ate for less than $40, tip included!

2)  Better safe than sorry.  We scraped our plans to stay an extra night due to impending winter weather.  No one could tell what time it was going to start and we decided not to chance it and to come home late Sat. night.  We were lucky because I woke up at 7 am Sunday to SLEET!  We never would have made it home!

3)  DVD's in the car are GREAT if you plan to have any kind of conversation with a driver and a passenger.  They are NOT good when you have a super tired almost 4 year old who has a complete MELTDOWN for 30 minutes when you turn it off after you told them NOT to do something and they continued to do so.  I couldn't even pay my mom to take the kiddo home Sat. night. Whew, we were glad Daddy got home right after us.

4)  I love working.  You stay at home moms amaze me.  I love my kiddo.  Tons.  But we've spent enough time bonding over the past few weeks that it's time for her to go back to school and in a routine.

Well, there are many more but that's all I can think of right now.
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