January 24, 2011

Sayings from the Kiddo

On the way home from school Friday, the kiddo asked me why she had to work every day.  I asked her what she meant by work.

"Mama, schoolwork!  Why do I have to do schoolwork everyday?"

Me, "You do schoolwork so you can grow up and be smart."

Kiddo, "But, Mama, I'm ALREADY smart."

Me, "Touche.  What was I thinking?"

Then, Sunday on the way to church, she saw a power plant that has a smoke stack.

Kiddo, "Mama, see that over there? With the smoke coming out the top?"

Me, "Yes Ma'am."

Kiddo, "That's a smokestack."

Me, "That's right!  How did you know that?"

Kiddo, "Daddy told me because he's smart.  And so are you."

She really melts my hearts some days.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear, she turned 4 not long ago.  I think everyone within 10 miles of our town knows that.  Just in case you missed it.
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