January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Papaw!

Today is my sweet Daddy's 66th birthday.  We are so happy he's made it this far and wish for many more years!  He's become a bit more sappy, excuse me, emotional in his older age, especially since grandchildren came along.

I know the Grands LOVE hanging out with their Papaw.  He's got some pretty cool toys and a whole lotta land for them to play on.  He will swing them til his fingers are raw and ride them til he's out of gas in the 4-wheeler.

We are sooooo blessed to have him as my Dad and kiddo's Papaw!  She adores him.  That wasn't always the case. I think he scared her for her entire first year or so of life.  But, she's since warmed up to him pretty good!

We hope you have the bestest of birthdays and wish you many many more!!

One of my FAVORITE pics of Papaw and Granddaughter.
We love you!  Happy 66th!
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