January 12, 2011


Today at 4:39 pm, the kiddo will officially be 4 years old.  I remember her birth day like it was yesterday.  I remember every bit of it.  It was absolutely amazing.

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday
MY OH MY how you have grown this year.  You have learned so much and you amaze me every single day.  You started gymnastics this year and you are loving it.  You finally figured out the potty training 100% including nighttime.  You had the whole potty training thing down at your last birthday but it took you a few more months to tackle the nighttime.

You have such an attitude this days too!  Sometimes it's cute and sometimes it's down right scary to see what I have to look forward to.

You've had so many haircuts that I've lost count.  You handle each one like a champ.  And I tell you every day how lucky you are to have such beautiful golden curls in hopes that when you get older, you will still like them and not try and straighten them out!

You are sometimes a girly girl wanting fingernail polish and saying pink is your favorite color but you really like being a tomboy.  You spend lots of time with you Papaw 'hunting' and looking for deer and helping him with the food for the deer.  Now, all you talk about it the deer camp that you've yet to go to.  Ahem, Aunt Jean???

All in all, it's been a great year.  You sometimes mind, which is nice.  You love learning the Bible versus that Aunt Holly challenges you with each month.  I love watching you learn.

Here lately, you have really become such an artist, always wanting to paint or color me a pretty picture.

We've had a great 4 years and we look forward to yet another wonderful year.  I know BIG things are in store for you this year.

One word, SOCCER!
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