January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Cousin Tara!

Happy 21st birthday Tara!!!!  We love you and my kiddo LOVES the birthday present you sent her!

We miss you!!!

You are the baby and ONLY girl with all those stinky boys.  I am so glad that you turned into such a beautiful woman!  

I remember coming to see you at your 9th birthday sleepover party.  I've known you for over half of your life.  Your smile can light up a room, as can your laughter.  Those boys try awful hard to wipe that smile off and they've succeeded many times.  But the older you get, the more you outsmart them.  

You love all of the little ones running around too!  And, you are the best babysitter I know!

I still can't believe you are 21!  We all hope you have the best birthday ever. 
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