January 31, 2011

Draw Me Nearer

What a wonderful Sunday yesterday was!  Yeah, it was raining ALL day but I was filled with the Spirit!  I  have never understood why people skip church just because it's raining outside.  We had a great service.  We worshiped, we baptized, we saw people accept Christ as their Savior.

We sang this song just before the Preacher began his lesson on Baptism and what it means.  I could not stop singing it all day.  Even when I was trying to take a much needed nap with the kiddo, I couldn't turn it off.  Then my friend told me that Caedmon's Call sings a great version of it.  I downloaded this video and the song on iTunes.  Good stuff.  Enjoy it.  Meditate on it.

Then we had our first iConnect service for 30's and younger.  We had a great group and heard an awesome testimony from a former local football player.

I know I am going to have a great week after getting full yesterday.

I hope you all have a great week as well!!

Draw Me Nearer to the Cross where thou hast died.  Draw Me Nearer to your precious bleeding side.  Draw Me Nearer. Draw Me Nearer.
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