January 21, 2011

Birthday Party

Tomorrow is the kiddo's birthday party.  Luckily, I don't have to clean house since we are having it the gym where she takes gymnastics.

Have we decided on a cake or cupcakes?  No.  Anxiety about that?  No. 

We are planning a trip to Kroger after school to either pick out something or buy something to make ourselves.  And to get some snack food for the parents and kids at the party.

Have I made the treat bags?  No.  Hubby asks why we even have to do that.  I'm the mean mom that just puts candy in them.  I like it when my kiddo gets treat bags with candy.  Especially, candy she doesn't like and I do.

It will all be fine.  I'm a cool mom and this doesn't stress me out.  No, her cake will not be something fancy with 3 layers of different flavors.  No, if she chooses cupcakes will they be as good as the ones at her 2nd birthday party.

Does that bother me?  Nope.  I just want her to have a good time playing at the gym with her friends.  And for her friends and family to have a good time.
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