December 20, 2010

Sayings from the Kiddo

Here is your latest edition of sayings from my kiddo.

Yesterday afternoon, we were headed to the hospital to see MeMe.  Kiddo was asking if she was still sick since we were going the hospital and not her house.  I tried to explain that she was still sick but the Doctors were making her better.

In her 3 year old (almost 4 year old) mind, she sweetly said this:

"I know!  She's having a baby!"

Then I laughed.  Then she got mad.  Then I apologized and got out my phone to call hubby and tell him. 

She then said:

"Mama, you better not tell MeMe or Daddy that!"

So I did.  As soon as we got the hospital.

Then she got mad again.

It took all we had not to BUST OUT LAUGHING.

She's so sweet that she got over it quickly.

After MeMe informed her that she was not there to have a baby.

Happy Monday.  It's Christmas week!
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