December 14, 2010

Privacy Policy

Oh my.  Where do I start?

Since I posted about Facebook yesterday, I'll do it again today.

Facebook membership should come with some rules.

There should be some kind of privacy policy for couples.  I love my husband.  Yes, sometimes (ok, maybe more) he gets on my nerves.  But sometimes he will surprise me and actually do something good.  When he does, I really try and tell him.  Thank him.

Not that I get any thanks for anything I do on a daily basis, but I digress...

I tell him IN PERSON.  Face to face.  Or via text message.  Or over the phone.

I don't post on Facebook how wonderful he is and how much I love it and how my life is so much better with him in it.

Those kinds of comments get you hidden if you are my FB friend.  Sorry.  I can't handle it. 

And no, I am NOT jealous of the awesome relationship ya'll have.  Or that's he is a great Dad or husband. 

I am sure those relationships that seem soooo glorious over Facebook probably aren't.

So please, if you really love your spouse and he's done something good, tell him to his face.  In the privacy of your own home or car or whatever.

I hope I don't offend anyone with this.  It is my blog but this has somewhat gotten out of hand on the 'social networking' sites. 

Next time, please send them a Facebook message if you still feel that Facebook is your best means of communication.

Until then, happy hiding.
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